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How it works

FarmsX is the world's only trading market for Farming Communities direct to the Market or Restaurant. Farmers directly own the relationship to buyers who support them. As a Farm, you make all the money other than a small 25 cent transaction fee. Simply create an account on FarmsX, set up payment and banking instructions, then participate. We are better together!

Bid on a single farming product or thousands of farming products to lock in the price. Monetize your farming output with the only forward market for farming communities.

About us

While we have diverse experiences and backgrounds, FarmsX was borne while we were teaching an entrepreneurship seminar in Mali, Africa to 50 promising men and women.

One member of the seminar said his dream would be to start a meat processing plant in Mali, but no bank would lend him money because there was no commodity market for meat in Mali and therefore no way to lock in the price for the product. We agreed with his conclusion that a bank should not lend him money as there was too much risk. From there we built the first multi-purpose online geolocation based commodity exchange for emerging markets.

Using our core geolocation exchange technology, we decided to not only help the farmers and hotels in Africa, but every person on the planet with a commodity market for micro-farm agriculture, transportation seats, freight and parking spots.

Through investing heavily in technology and a robust series of patents over a number of years we arrived at FarmsX, ShipsX, SeatsX, RoutesX, ParkedX and more.

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"A market to allow small farmers to have an equal voice to the large farms"

-Matt Cadman - Shady Grove Ranch

"Farmers Markets online for my restaurant in Houston with firm delivery and higher quality"

-Richard - Weights and Measures

"My dream was to build a meat processing plant in Mali but there was no market for meat until FarmsX"

-Gabriel - Mali

"Love seeing local Farms on my Navigation on RoutesX"